Saturday, 31 December 2016

How to grow a cactus?

Hey folks, I am back with another tutorial of gardening and today I would giving my suggestions on how to grow a cactus plant at home, so , let’s get started.

Here are tips to follow-

1-      Either buy the cactus seed or pick up the seed pods- you can simply go for buying the seeds from the market or you can also choose the path of finding the seeds from the old cactus plant.

2-      After you get the seeds, do go for planting the seeds at the high level of drainage soil. Also go to plant the seeds in clean and shallow containers, which would be filled with the suitable soil. Also, do moisten the soil thoroughly, before you go for planting but do make sure that you do not allow any standing water to remain.

3-      The time you've moistened the soil and also planted your cactus seeds, just make sure that you cover the container with a transparent lid and just place it somewhere in a location, where the you feel that the seeds will receive a good amount of sun heat.

4-      Take care of the temperature as it requires high-temperature.

5-      Take care of the seeds now, and do water them once or twice in a day.

After, you perform the steps; you would be able to find out the buds coming out. So, be precautious enough for the buds as well and see your hard work blossoming up.  

Saturday, 24 December 2016

How to grow the Sunflower?

The Flower Sunflower means the messenger of the bright and sunny Summers. The sunflowers are grown for the beauty as well as for the health. The seeds of the Sunflowers are considered as the most useful product of it ,so if you wish to have this plant in your house then just keep reading.

The steps to plant the Sunflower plant-

1- If you want to grow a healthy Sunflowers then the preferred best locations would be with the direct sun as they do prefer the long and hot summers to flower in a well manner.
2- The Sunflowers plants do have a very long and tap size type root, which need to be stretched out, so, the plants can be dug properly.
3- Never forget to Find out a very well and drained location, and also prepare the soil by digging an area for about 2-3 feet in the circumference.
4- Do use organic and good fertilizers that would be very good for the plants.
5-If it is possible for you then just put the seeds in a space. which is quite sheltered from the strong winds.
6-Also before you move for the planting option, do decide whether you want to grow a fun sunflower tower.

Always be careful, for planting the sunflower because they do require the care from one side. They are quite prolific and very easy to plant.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Vegetative Propagations part- Bulbs. What is BULBS?

Hello, friends I am back with another part of gardening that will help you to grow more plants and in the affordable price. Last time I talked about the essential parts of vegetative propagation and today I am goanna tell you another part of it, and it is Bulbs. Now, the question is what is called bulbs?
Bulbs- a bulb is the part of plant or any vegetable that is the underground stem.  Mainly, the leaves are attached to the stem part of any plant and all these leaves have abundant amount of stored food in it, which is truly a very astonishing part of any plant. If you look closely to the bulbs that you will find that in its inner most part of the plant there is an apical bud. Apart from this, you will also find the attached lateral buds in it.
The apical buds always help in generating the new flowers and leaves and the lateral buds aids to produce the new shoot part. When the plant grows and develops more, it will automatically form a new bulb underground.
So, if you plan to use the bulbs to grow more and more plants than I must say you have a very smart choice. This is the most affordable way to go for the growing plants. So, be slightly precautious enough when you are planning to go for the bulbs option as they require little bit of attention as well.   

Saturday, 10 December 2016

The basic tool of Gardening

Till now, I have discussed many more things about gardening but today I want to discuss about something scientific. Don't worry it’s not that tough to understand after all I will not use the scientific terms because I don't know their English but yes, in the simple words I would like talk about the basic techniques that will help you in the beginning of the gardening. And it’s the vegetative propagating techniques.  There are several ways that you can find out for growing the plants without using the seeds and in this the techniques that are included are division, cuttings, layering and grafting. These techniques have the advantages like reproducing the plant just precise to the parent, because the new plants are raised vegetatively from the part of the parent.

Here is a technique that will aid you a lot.

Division-There are many plants in the world that reproduce naturally by means of vegetative propagation, using runners, bulbils, offsets or just the additional crowns. These are the plants that reproduce like this can easily be raised as new plants as soon as they have produced the few roots of their own, and sometimes even before that.

You don't have to apply so many tricks for that just merely separate these from their parent just by, cutting runners, breaking away the bulbils and offsets, and also dividing or cutting away the groups of healthy crowns. Division is the very basic and main method of raising new plants.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Care For the Indoor Gardening

When you see your successful indoor garden, you may feel happy and refresh every time you see it and after seeing it you might fall for Gardenia, a beautiful plant. But have you ever wonder there are many steps you need to keep in mind before you go for the purchasing the Gardenia? Yes, if you don't be careful with the plant, you might feel that you have bought a lemon. So, here the tips and tricks that can help you out.

You may sometimes feel that the other indoor plants take very little attention, while the Gardenia is quite fussy and it may give you headache if not treated properly.  

When you decide to grow the gardenias indoor, within the immuring part of your home, at that point it would require a very close attention to humidity, light and pest control. If you place it in the correct environment and render the proper care, an indoor gardenia will reward you with its glossy green leaves and aromatic flowers.

When you decide to bring the Gardenia at home, it is quite essential at that point to have the best place picked out because they do not respond, when they have to being moved around. This place that you choose  should have plenty of light, and at least half a day of the direct sun, and try to keep it in a room with a temperature that is about 55 F. (13 C.) during the day and 64 F. (18 C.) at night.

So, just follow these simple tricks and tips, if you wish to garden Gardenia.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Beautiful And Affordable Raised Garden Bed

There are lot more ways to make your garden to look flawless and beautiful. But "For the beauty, one always need to pay high", this is almost everyone thinks but it's not so, in terms of Gardening.   

There are many affordable ways that anyone can opt for a raised garden bed. Basically, only 3 steps are required to make the precise and head turning garden-bed.

Plant the most beautiful and affordable plants:-  if you are trying to produce your own then its type of classic case which is reciprocal of reality( as the reality includes lots of poor, acidic, or even lead-contaminated soil). So, just don't give up on the home-grew crop yet.

Trying to build up your own raised garden beds — for both edible and decorative plants — is quite easier than you think. Just stick to a simple design and pick up a hammer for a DIY garden; you'll use all summer long.

Step-1- First of first, choose a square or rectangular layout for the simplicity. When talking about the materials, regular wood won't impede the rain and moisture. Instead, go for opting vinyl or pressure-treated lumber, which is mainly designed to be weather-resistant.

Secondly, if you plan to place your garden bed directly on the ground, then just make sure that all the sides are tall enough for 6-inch soil so that the roots don't reach the ground.

Step-2-Build it up- Nail all the sides properly so that there is no flimsiness left. After that drill 1-inch holes, every 12 inches to allow excess water to escape. After all these construction work, fill the mud and fertilizers fully.

Step-3- After filling up the mud, plant your small plants. Nourish them and take care of them properly.

These are the few simple steps to decorate your small area into a beautiful garden.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Convert Your small space Balcony into fairy tales world......

At home there is actually no better place than the garden for enjoying the morning sun, twilight and fresh air. Whenever talk about the garden, maybe the first thing coming to your mind is the vast and bigger grass, lush flowers and the magnificent water features as well as comfortable garden benches and much more. But for those of you, who mainly live in a small apartment, that is too lavishing to reach. Are you planning to quit your dream of garden? Have you really forgotten your balcony?

Just drop your vicious thoughts if you are planning to quit. There are lots of inspiring ideas of balcony garden you can learn and that can change the look of your balcony. Regardless of how less spacious your balcony is, with some bold, good and smart ideas, you can have a small outdoor oasis that full of life. The lovely pots with flowers, bright fabrics, decorative pillows and the painted floor can make your small balcony garden to look more colorful, lavishing and lively. If the space is available, you can also put a small hammock or comfortable sofa there in order to comfort yourself. And after all that you really can enjoy your spare time. In the evening, the cute candle lanterns will make your mini garden more romantic and mysterious.

Following few small ideas can also thrive your living standard, never let any negative thought to reside in your heart and mind. Just imply some of your creativity and see the change by yourself. Also see the few examples of it.