Thursday, 15 September 2016

Organic Gardening & its benefits

Personal health and environmental are the 2 basic benefits of organic gardening that are attaining popularity. Organic is definitely in, no more organic vegetables and fruits are just for the tree-huggers. They have entered the mainstream diet vigorously.
So what are the benefits actually?

·       Taste – Fresh fruits and vegetables have an explosion of flavour that bears little similarity to the taste of market raised produce. For vegetables and fruits that do not need to be cooked, they can be tested directly in the garden.
·       Health – An organic garden has no toxic chemicals, which means that its produce is also toxic free. Organic produce has a higher mineral and vitamin content than those produced with the help of chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.
·       Money – Purchasing organic produce can cost up to 50% or more over the regular market. By growing your own, will save money. Storing the excess will make your garden last long in the winter without purchasing greenhouse vegetables from the market.
·       Spiritual – While tilling the soil or planting seeds, or pulling weeds, any organic gardener thinks- being in the garden brings him closer to nature, working and watching the garden grow makes him feel he is part of something huge.
·       Environment – Lack of chemical run-off is beneficial as small insects, animals or birds are not harmed by chemical use. Organic gardeners are constantly building up the soil with organic matter. By combining organic waste into compost, you help relieve landfills since the waste will otherwise be filling up space there.
The benefits of organic gardening are much more than this. Only a few of the best ones are listed above.

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