Monday, 26 September 2016


Having your own garden is both rewarding and fun. All you require to get started is some a few plants and good soil. But to become a successful vegetable gardener, it takes to keep your garden vigorous and healthy.

The basics you need to know-
To feed the soil is a must for organic gardeners. Although different mineral nutrients and fertilizers should be combined regularly to the garden, the most useful material for maintaining and building a well-balanced and healthy soil is organic matter, like compost, animal manures, and shredded leaves.

The area of your garden i.e. the amount of sunlight it gets, closeness to a source of water, and protection from frost is important.

There are 2 primary approaches to planning the design of a vegetable garden:

·       Row Cropping -This is basically what comes to mind when you decide about what to grow in a garden with vegetables. You put plants single file in rows, leaving a walking space between every row.Row cropping is best for big vegetable gardens and makes it easier to use a mechanical device like tillers to battle weeds.

·       Intensive cropping -This kind of making a garden with vegetables means doing in wide bands, usually 1-4 feet across and as long as you wish. Intensive cropping decreases the amount of space required for paths, but the nearer spacing of the plants generally means you have to weed using your hand.

 Some careful observation and keeping a record of it may teach you more about growing vegetables than any single authority or book.

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