Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Gardening: Bees, Wasps and You

Gardening: Bees, Wasps and You
If you are a gardener then you must know the trouble for this time of the year. It is the time for the two of the biggest enemies for gardeners enjoying their beautiful garden, the evil Bees, and the wicked Wasps. During this time of the year, these two trouble makers are the biggest headaches for anyone indulged in gardening or simply enjoying the gardens. But things get a bit complicated with them. A little negligence might call for a painful and poisonous sting. So here are some methods to handle the bees and wasps avoiding being stung by them.
·         Weeds and Overgrown grass: First things first, remove the overgrown grass and weeds. These weedy areas are perfect for the bees and wasps to make their nests. Removing them will not only discourage their numbers but will also help you to handle your garden better.
·         Choice of Clothes while in Garden: You need to be more cautious about your clothing. Loose clothing or bright colorful dresses may make you more vulnerable to these guys. Try to choose clothes with white or khaki color to come out in the garden
·         Avoid Sharp Smells: Wearing cologne or sharp smelling shampoos in hair might attract them more and cause you more trouble.

Winter is around the corner and insects like bees are really desperate to find more and more nectar to survive the winter hibernation. Thus, making peace with them is the best option for both the parties. For more suggestions and help in gardening, keep following us.

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