Friday, 25 November 2016

Beautiful And Affordable Raised Garden Bed

There are lot more ways to make your garden to look flawless and beautiful. But "For the beauty, one always need to pay high", this is almost everyone thinks but it's not so, in terms of Gardening.   

There are many affordable ways that anyone can opt for a raised garden bed. Basically, only 3 steps are required to make the precise and head turning garden-bed.

Plant the most beautiful and affordable plants:-  if you are trying to produce your own then its type of classic case which is reciprocal of reality( as the reality includes lots of poor, acidic, or even lead-contaminated soil). So, just don't give up on the home-grew crop yet.

Trying to build up your own raised garden beds — for both edible and decorative plants — is quite easier than you think. Just stick to a simple design and pick up a hammer for a DIY garden; you'll use all summer long.

Step-1- First of first, choose a square or rectangular layout for the simplicity. When talking about the materials, regular wood won't impede the rain and moisture. Instead, go for opting vinyl or pressure-treated lumber, which is mainly designed to be weather-resistant.

Secondly, if you plan to place your garden bed directly on the ground, then just make sure that all the sides are tall enough for 6-inch soil so that the roots don't reach the ground.

Step-2-Build it up- Nail all the sides properly so that there is no flimsiness left. After that drill 1-inch holes, every 12 inches to allow excess water to escape. After all these construction work, fill the mud and fertilizers fully.

Step-3- After filling up the mud, plant your small plants. Nourish them and take care of them properly.

These are the few simple steps to decorate your small area into a beautiful garden.

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