Friday, 4 November 2016


Autumn is the perfect time to plant out bedding plants for spring flowering. Winter bedding plants are often referred to as spring bedding plants or even autumn bedding plants. However, there’s no need to get confused. Simply put, they are biennials or perennials, which are planted from September to November. Most common bedding plants flower throughout the winter during milder spells, before putting on a burst of vigorous growth in the spring.

Try planting winter bedding plants in beds, borders, containers, window boxes or hanging baskets for a welcome splash of color when few other plants are in flower. Why not try planting spring bulbs underneath your bedding plants for something a bit different!

·       PANSIES
A sturdy of winter bedding displays, Pansy plants are so versatile and will bloom for far longer than any other winter flowering bedding plant. Pansies provide a welcome splash of color in beds, borders, containers, window boxes and hanging baskets! Available in many colors, including white, purple, blue, red, orange and yellow, nurture winter-flowering pansies in a sunny or partially shaded position and dead-head recurrently for continuous flowering.

·       VIOLAS
Generally faintly smaller than Pansies, Viola plants produce an abundance of dainty flowers on neat compact growth for a more delicate display. As adaptable as pansies, you can buy upright varieties such as Viola 'Sweeties' or trailing violas such as Viola 'Allspice Mixed' which are ideal for winter hanging baskets. Many violas often have a pleasant sweet fragrance too.

·       PRIMROSE 
It is a well-loved cottage garden bedding plant. Modern breeding has given us an embarrassment of new colors, sizes and improved flowering in primrose plants. Try this enduring perennial bedding plant in beds, borders, window boxes and containers to add sparkle to your garden on dull winter days.
Compact and bright, Polyanthus plants diverge slightly to primroses in that the flowers are produced in umbels atop short, sturdy stems. Colorful and long-lasting flowers, Polyanthus are superb winter bedding plants for beds, borders, window boxes and containers. For a fragrant display try Polyanthus 'Most Scented Mix'.


This pretty winter bedding plant erupts with a plenty of dainty flowers in the spring and is the perfect partner for spring bulbs. Conventionally blue, Forget-me-not plants are also available in pink and white, such as Myosotis 'Sylva' Mix. Masses of tiny button flowers produce a frothy effect in beds, borders, and containers, and plants will happily self-seed for a continuous display in the garden every year.

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