Saturday, 31 December 2016

How to grow a cactus?

Hey folks, I am back with another tutorial of gardening and today I would giving my suggestions on how to grow a cactus plant at home, so , let’s get started.

Here are tips to follow-

1-      Either buy the cactus seed or pick up the seed pods- you can simply go for buying the seeds from the market or you can also choose the path of finding the seeds from the old cactus plant.

2-      After you get the seeds, do go for planting the seeds at the high level of drainage soil. Also go to plant the seeds in clean and shallow containers, which would be filled with the suitable soil. Also, do moisten the soil thoroughly, before you go for planting but do make sure that you do not allow any standing water to remain.

3-      The time you've moistened the soil and also planted your cactus seeds, just make sure that you cover the container with a transparent lid and just place it somewhere in a location, where the you feel that the seeds will receive a good amount of sun heat.

4-      Take care of the temperature as it requires high-temperature.

5-      Take care of the seeds now, and do water them once or twice in a day.

After, you perform the steps; you would be able to find out the buds coming out. So, be precautious enough for the buds as well and see your hard work blossoming up.  

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