Saturday, 10 December 2016

The basic tool of Gardening

Till now, I have discussed many more things about gardening but today I want to discuss about something scientific. Don't worry it’s not that tough to understand after all I will not use the scientific terms because I don't know their English but yes, in the simple words I would like talk about the basic techniques that will help you in the beginning of the gardening. And it’s the vegetative propagating techniques.  There are several ways that you can find out for growing the plants without using the seeds and in this the techniques that are included are division, cuttings, layering and grafting. These techniques have the advantages like reproducing the plant just precise to the parent, because the new plants are raised vegetatively from the part of the parent.

Here is a technique that will aid you a lot.

Division-There are many plants in the world that reproduce naturally by means of vegetative propagation, using runners, bulbils, offsets or just the additional crowns. These are the plants that reproduce like this can easily be raised as new plants as soon as they have produced the few roots of their own, and sometimes even before that.

You don't have to apply so many tricks for that just merely separate these from their parent just by, cutting runners, breaking away the bulbils and offsets, and also dividing or cutting away the groups of healthy crowns. Division is the very basic and main method of raising new plants.

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