Sunday, 18 December 2016

Vegetative Propagations part- Bulbs. What is BULBS?

Hello, friends I am back with another part of gardening that will help you to grow more plants and in the affordable price. Last time I talked about the essential parts of vegetative propagation and today I am goanna tell you another part of it, and it is Bulbs. Now, the question is what is called bulbs?
Bulbs- a bulb is the part of plant or any vegetable that is the underground stem.  Mainly, the leaves are attached to the stem part of any plant and all these leaves have abundant amount of stored food in it, which is truly a very astonishing part of any plant. If you look closely to the bulbs that you will find that in its inner most part of the plant there is an apical bud. Apart from this, you will also find the attached lateral buds in it.
The apical buds always help in generating the new flowers and leaves and the lateral buds aids to produce the new shoot part. When the plant grows and develops more, it will automatically form a new bulb underground.
So, if you plan to use the bulbs to grow more and more plants than I must say you have a very smart choice. This is the most affordable way to go for the growing plants. So, be slightly precautious enough when you are planning to go for the bulbs option as they require little bit of attention as well.   

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