Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Cost Effective Gardening Style

Vegetable garden at home will cut your grocery cost a bit and makes you eat fresh. You can save and contribute to overall savings of energy by reducing fuel consumption and transport cost of market products.

Some factors for vegetable gardening to save money:

 Vegetable that can be stored – Plant veggies that can be frozen or preserved for later use. By this, you can have extra yield later in the year.

 Use vegetables that are costly – Vegetables that will provide a huge return on your investments of time and space of gardening. Save money by buying costly items or your daily purchase like- beans, melons, spinach, cucumber, beats, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce etc.

 Research and do planning – Saving money by growing vegetable means to make your cost low while yielding high and productive. So research and learn about techniques to reduce your input maintaining high growth.

 Start small – To start with different vegetables can be astounding but ultimately leads to failure due to lack of  maintenance, so keep your quantity less initially.

Some vegetables that save money:

 Tomatoes – In winter’s tomatoes cost more, so a good amount of harvest of tomatoes (Big beef, cherry, and meaty paste) is essential for your kitchen.

 Lettuce – The varieties of lettuce (Magenta and Green) if bought for $2 package of seeds, you will redeem it within two weeks, a rich harvest of fresh Lettuce.

 Winter squash – A favorite winter item and easy to grow, do not require weeding. It is a valued vegetable for winter and spring as it keeps through winter.

 Special peppers – Jalapeno, Serrano, Poblano, chilli peppers, red peppers and orange peppers account for high dollars in store but it is easy to grow now.

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