Monday, 29 August 2016

Spring Flowers For Your Garden

For all those with a green thumb and spring enthusiasm, here is list that grows as the frost melts:

1.       Pansy
Scientific Name:Violaxwittrockiana
With small cheerful flowers, pansies have always been the choice of a springtime gardener. With a preference for cool weather and partly shaded areas, it can be planted in hanging pots or even in small window boxes
2.       Fawn Lilies
Scientific Name:Erythronium
Fawn lilies are ephemeral flowers, meaning that they are short-lived but reappear annually. Varieties such as the creamy White Beauty and yellow Pagoda are enough to awe-struck a plant lover while the leaves are mottled akin to a fawn.

3.       Bloodroot
Scientific Name:Sanguinariacanadensis
Dubbed as the Beauty with the beast Bloodroot is a spring flower that makes its first appearance in March and lasts through the spring. The best place to plant it would be either a woodland garden or shaded area beyond the reach of the sun.

4.       Snowdrop Anemone
Scientific Name:Anemone nemorosa
Beautiful and small, the clusters of fragrant snowdrop anemone are bright and full of life whether in the sun or in the shade and even pulls up an appearance again in autumn with the same gusto.
5.       Lilac
Scientific Name:Syringa vulgaris
Gardeners’ all-time favorites with a fragrance that takes the wits away. With numerous varieties Lilacs grace, the spring with a playful lilt with its different shapes be it shrubs or trees. Usually blooms on old wood, it last long enough for one to become used to them.

6.       Yellow Trillium
Scientific Name:Trillium luteum
Another flower that disappears without a word just to appear in the next spring, Trilliums have always been a group lover. Neither does it fiercely compete for soil resources as its peers do and fits nicely with the shade-lover cluster in a garden while staying around 16 inches tall.

7.       Grape Hyacinth
Scientific Name:Muscariarmeniacum
Grape hyacinths look like inverted bunches of grapes. One of the early bloomers, they cluster and hang about from the stalks while looking beautiful at it. They are about 8 inches in height.

8.       Daffodil
Scientific Name:Narcissus
Daffodils love a spring show. Pretty looking flowers could prance about if plants could walk. With a number of varieties it comes in different shapes and sizes with bright colors, it likes the sun and disappears as the spring recedes and grow back up the next spring.

9.       Tulip
Scientific Name:Tulipa
Cheerfulness and classy, tulips are the choice of a springtime gardener.With a large selection to choose from, tulips can be found in all type of shapes and sizes. Pick out a sunny spot and grow these petal-full blooms the upcoming spring.

10.   Oakleaf Hydrangea
Scientific Name:Hydrangea quercifolia
Hydrangea blooms late in spring and grows vigorously with dense foliage and large flowers. Prefers partly shady grounds, OakleafHydrangea is perfect for a big effect in small gardens.

Beautiful garden is made up of beautiful plants, and these plants will only add to the beauty

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