Monday, 8 August 2016

Indoor Gardening: More than Just an Eye Candy

In this modern era with an increase in pollution and global warming, it should be our responsibility to make a bit to the society. The best option is to plant trees and make earth a greener and better place. Gardening is a good option but it requires space. But with advancement Indoor Gardening comes into the picture. Here is how indoor gardening can be very useful to you and the society-

1. Air Quality- Indoor gardening filters all the toxic gases that get trapped indoors. This improves air quality reduces the risk of many disorders.
2. Kitchen Ingredients- There are many small plants which can be grown indoors which are major ingredients in our kitchen foods. Home grown food is safer from chemical ingestion than that found in the grocery store.
3. Non-Spacious- You can easily set up an indoor garden without any extra dedicated space required in your house.
4. Controlling Temperature- Gardens have their own bit in maintaining the comfort. Even the indoor gardens at a rather smaller scale play an effective role in maintaining a temperature in their surroundings.
5. No Parasite Worries - By gardening indoors you have nothing to worry about Insects and Parasites. In comparison, outdoor gardening needs a proper care for parasites and insects.
6. Better Plants- Indoor gardening which works on the hydroponic system which gives you complete control on properties like moisture and nutrients.

 Indoor gardening will possibly be the best option in the coming future to keep our surroundings green and clean. As it is the simplest way to make earth a better place. 

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