Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How to create hanging gardens ?

Well, you can build a hanging garden with a heap of pots. Although there is scorching heat outside, you can now put up your garden under the shed of your deck.During summer the prices of the plant nurseries drops, so grab the opportunity to make your own space friendly hanging gardens that can be enjoyed at any place.
Having more plants within a small area keeps the surrounding air fresh and clean, so start with this idea of vertical gardening; that will help you make use of your urban space.

Follow some steps to put up your hanging garden:
·       Assemble your materials –It must include the following; middle-sized pots, potting soil, thin chain (galvanized), a bolt, nut and a washer, a hook or a nail and plants (according to the light requirement of the area).
·       Arrange the chain to hang;
a.  Slide the bolt to the bottom hole in the chain.
b.  Screw the bolt.
c.   Slide the washer on.
·       Fill the pots and hang them up –This is the toughest stage. Be careful not to drop one pot over the other as it might break after filling up with soil. Try to give a cascading look; heavy one in the bottom, light one at the top and in middle the medium sized ones.
     The final step is to plant your tree in the pots –Once pots are hanged, plant the nursery in the direction of hanging so that watering becomes easy.
Take advantage of the shady areas and vertical spaces of your mansion and construct your hanging garden using the above simple and swift methods.

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