Monday, 8 August 2016

Terrace Gardens: Just Beautiful or More?

With the rapid growth of buildings and increase of skyscrapers, we have drifted away from nature. In the daily schedule, everyone needs some time in peace to remove the stress. Gardens can solve this problem. But nowadays it is difficult to have a separate space for a garden in the home. To fix this issue a rooftop garden is the most optimal solution. Some major advantages of Terrace Gardening are-

1.Boosts your health-The increase in the quality of water decline in the roof pollution benefits our health
2.The increase in Biodiversity-Green roofs can act as a natural habitat for various bird species. The increase in biodiversity also increases Ecosystem, Economic, and Social realms.
3. Marketing- Green roofs attract buyers because they are an eye-catching spot. Having a terrace garden increase the price of the building automatically.
4. Noise Reduction -Green roofs provide reduces noise to a huge extent. An intensive green roof reduces sound up to 40 decibels while an intensive green roof reduces sound by 40-50 decibels while.
5. EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)-Green roofs reduces the penetration of Electromagnetic Radiation emitting from electronic devices such as mobile phone, laptops etc. up to 90%.
6. Energy Efficient-The insulation provided by the green rooftop can help in maintaining the temperature of the building as roofs is responsible for the heating of house during summers and cold in winters.
7.The quality of Air- Green roofs can capture airborne pollutants and it also helps in filtering and saving us from harmful toxic gases.

Thus, terrace gardens can be beneficial for both us and our surroundings in multiple ways.

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